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Adopting from Korea - A Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption


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Korean and Adoption Links of Interest

News from Korea


  • new2.gifTaansooa - beautiful and unusual gift items from China, Korea, India, Cambodia, and other Asian countries.
  • - THE place to turn for one-stop-shopping for the largest available selection of gifts and products that reflect our diversity. 
  • Angel Covers - A non-profit supporting orphanages worldwide. Squeaky shoes for children, fleece blankets for all ages.
  • YammiWear - beautiful fleece blankets of the world and other multicultural gifts
  • Hanboks and More - another new site filled with hanboks and other Korean cultural gifts and resources
  • Korean Arts - stunning Korean arts and crafts, excellent celadon collection!
  • Mandy's Moon - Wonderful selection of Asian ornaments, magnets, figurines, wall hangings and more. Utterly charming!
  • Chosen Children Doll Company - beautifully rendered ethnic dolls by an adoptive mom of a little girl from India. A great find!
  • Ethnic Korean Raggedy Anns - a wonderful collection of ethnic "Raggedy Anns and Andys" in native costumes. Definitely worth a look if you love dolls.
  • ClickAsia - wonderful site highlighting the work of Korean artisans. Great prices, too.
  • Heroines in History - Heroines in History is a division of Victory Press, a publisher of culturally and historically accurate metaphysical and multicultural books and gifts.
  • America's Stir Fry - Multicultural publishers on a wide range of topics
  • Things Asian - emphasis on Vietnam
  • HeartandSeoul: Adoption-oriented products for parents of Asian children. Plus a portion of your purchase goes to help defray the adoption costs of worthy families.
  • Making Friends - A wonderful resource for school and other children-related projects. Lots of multicultural approaches to holidays and more. This site is a definite must!
  • Books and Supplies: A marvelous, searchable online catalog of Asian-oriented books and more. Excellent listing of Korean culture, fiction, and non-fiction for children and adults. Excellent!
  • Multicultural Kids -- Multicultural resources for young children, parents and teachers. No website yet, call for catalog at 1-800-711-2321. Great resource!
  • Asia for Kids Catalog: Rich with books, videos, dolls, and more. A terrific resource for teachers and parents -- even has hanboks for Barbie!
  • Celebrate the Child: Cultural and adoption-related books, music, and more.
  • Asian American Books for All Ages: This catalog is produced by Asian American Curriculum Projects, Inc. Heavy on the educational from preschool through high school level. Worthwhile!


  • new2.gifNarrations Newsletter - Written by and for adopted kids, this 4-page quarterly offers nifty reading and artwork for children ages 8-13.
  • Adoption Today Magazine: This bimonthly offers excellent information for adoptive families. Strong Asian orientation.
  • Adoptive Families Magazine: Flagship quarterly of Adoptive Families of America. I get this, too.
  • Korean Quarterly: Informative and thought-provoking nonprofit publication written for all members of the Korean-American community, including Korean adoptees and their adoptive families. Have something to share? They're looking for articles!

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  • AdoptShoppeBooks - popular international adoption books, including many books specific to Korea and China adoptions, at mostly discounted prices. (Another Roberta adoption site.)
  • AdoptShoppe: Unique International Adoption Gifts and Resources - you'll find practical tools and truly beautiful commemorative gifts that speak to the heart of the adoption experience. (Another Roberta adoption site.)



  • new2.gifKorean Online - a terrific compilation site of Korean culture, history, and much more - with an online Korean-English, English-Korean dictionary!
  • new2.gifTeen Korea - excellent site on culture and language for teens and others!
  • Korean Information Gate - wonderful portal site for all things Korean
  • Kimchi Club: Aussie based site - great info source of things Korean 
  • Life in Korea: Well organized site depicts a full range of Korean life and activities. Worth a look and a bookmark - Tol - First Birthday - great info!
  • Korea Insights: A beautiful site depicting the full range of Korean culture and art.
  • Friends of Korea: Composed of first and second generation Korean Americans, adult Korean born adoptees, and adoptive parents, this organization promotes greater awareness and appreciation of Korean heritage in the US.
  • The Korea Society: Elegantly designed site about Korea. Definitely worth a look.
  • Coalition for Asian-American Children & Families -- NYC-based, definitely worth your time.






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GOVERNMENT: You should also check these sites from time to time:


Because it's not too early to consider the full range of the joys and challenges
 of transracial adoption, for you and your adopted children,
you might want to take a peek at these sites, too

Also see the For Adoptees page

This list is by no means complete, but it represents other learning opportunities for your adoption journey. I'll be adding more as I continue the journey, as well. And if you have a link you like, drop me a line and I'll be happy to add it!

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